About us

Mare di Libri is the first Italian literary festival for teenage readers. Over fourteen years ago the Festival spurred from a fairly simple idea: a literary festival entirely dedicated to the stories and the art loved by readers from the age of 11 to 18.

The small group of founders wanted to help teenagers find communities of fellow readers, learn to work together, interact with their favourite authors, learn, and generally spread their wings.

This made Mare di Libri it’s a unique festival, run by teenagers for teenagers. The many young readers who volunteer at the festival are the ones who decide which authors to invite, which stories to explore. Thanks to the support of a small group of adults, the volunteers coordinate events, support visitors, assist the guests and also cover the communication and promotion of the event.

Over time the festival has brought Italian and foreign writers and artists to Rimini. We have welcomed, among others, Craig Thompson, Aidan Chambers, Patrick Ness, John Boyne, Natasha Pulley, David Almond, Paul Dowswell and many, many others.


Learn more about two of our most important activities, the Mare di Libri Award and the book trailer contest Ciak, si legge!